FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Website Development

We can set up a website for as low as $299 with our beautiful pre-designed templates. If you need help to customize the templates further, we charge an hourly rate. Alternatively, you can choose our tailored website package that provides you with a content management system and about 30 pages designed to your specification.

We continue to support you and help you drive traffic to your site for monthly packages starting at $49. There are no lock-in contracts and you can cancel any time.

We provide you with a domain name and hosting for your website. If you have your existing domain we can work with you to point it to your new website.
Yes. You will receive custom email addresses with the domain of your website. We can even redirect your domain emails to your existing email address.
You can make changes to your website 24/7. We provide you with an easy content management system where you can add articles, stories, images and videos. You can add as many pages as you like.

Marketing Software and Automation

We develop software to automate most common Internet marketing tasks such as content gathering, keywords research, SEO, Pay Per Click marketing and sales automation.
We charge $88.00 per hour for sofware development. We provide bulk discount for larger jobs.

Traffic Generation

We build pages that are Search Engine Optimised (SEO). We also optimise your pages for Social media sharing.

But most importantly, we work with you to help you refine your message to market matching. We work with you to help you laser focus your customers. If your budget allows, we can work with you in buying targeted traffic from other websites such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook.

Yes. We provide marketing checklists to drive targeted traffic to your website. We provide tools for tracking your site traffic.
We help you develop landing pages and optimise your marketing funnel. We help track your traffic conversion rate and help you build your list.

Membership Site

Our membership site provides value to website owners by providing continuing education, tools and resources to help grow your online business.

We provide checklists and software tools to help you drive traffic, develop content and grow your business audience

You can cancel your subscription in 2 ways.

  1. You can log into your Paypal account and cancel your recurring payments there.
  2. You can contact us and we will cancel it for you.

If you have a website hosted with us, please indicate if you would like to move your website to a new host and we will provide you with a copy of your website.

All our customers are automatically enrolled to the membership site. The membership site is developed for Internet Marketers who are building virtual business like authority blogs, e-commerce sites, and mobile apps.

We provide ongoing marketing tips through email and our members area. If you have an internet business or plan on having one, we would love to have you on-board.